Saturday, December 5, 2015

If Congress talked about other things the way they talk about guns

Seat belts:   "Cars don't kill people, drivers kill people.  Legislating seat belts violates Americans' fundamental right of self-determination, and it doesn't address road rage, which is what's really causing car crashes."

Anthrax research:   "I don't want the government poking its noses in Americans' private lives.  What if there's an Iraq veteran who is trying to develop his dream of being a biomedical researcher?  It would be wrong for us to interfere by requiring him to go through onerous regulations and restrictions to get the materials he needs."

Obesity:   "If Big Gulps are outlawed, then only outlaws will have Big Gulps."

Drugs:   "It's a tragedy that these students were selling drugs to each other, but if every teacher in that school was carrying weed, that would solve the problem."

Food:   "It's intolerable to think we should regulate food safety.  If there's a natural disaster in this country and shipping is overwhelmed and there's chemicals in the air and the government breaks down, then people are going to need to take food supply into their own hands and we shouldn't interfere with that."

The Third Amendment:   "It's clear from the punctuation that the government should not be able to house soldiers anywhere."

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